kopecky hunting club
Here is the mid-season update.... SLOW!  Unseasonable warm weather has killed us for most of the season with little to no cold weather north of us at this point.  Mostly all the ducks and geese that we have been taking the last 3 weeks have been locals.  At this point most of the birds have us pegged and are very decoy shy.  There has been a trickle of birds starting to migrate at this point, but nothing to write home about.  It has been so slow that my dad, brother, and I took a road trip to Bismarck, ND. 

The Bismarck trip was a good time, however the birds were very scattered.  The Cacklers and Hutchies were just starting to show up, but no big migration had started in the area we were hunting.  It was a short trip and we had to put the miles on to find the "X" but we did manage to get access to a wheat field where 400 geese were feeding the night before.  The wheat field hunt was one those hunts that should have only taken about an hour, however, our shotgun shells got the best of us and we ended up a few shy of the limit.  The best part of the trip was watching CJ's friend Tait chase a goose down and tackle it.

Back in Nebraska, the opener a few weeks ago was about what was expected, tons of ducks in the morning, good times, and a quick hunt.  Between the opener and now has been slow, there have been a few double digit days, but mostly 1-5 bird days.  

Things should start to pick up in the next couple weeks as we get later in the year.  Looks like another front is forecasted to come through mid-week and give us some strong north winds, hopefully it brings some new birds with them.

Bismarck, ND wheat field hunt.