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The weather is starting to break and the snow is melting.  Mother Nature spoiled us all last year by giving us dry fields.  However, this year it is going to be a muddy mess.  I highly recommend mud boots if you want to hunt with us this year.  

We are currently booking spring memberships and daily hunts.  If you are interested please give us a call.  We typically have 1-2 weeks of fast and furious goose hunting.  

Right now there are no snow geese in our location, but they are not very far off.  A snow goose count taken on 3/2/10 from Grand Pass CA (Missouri) by the Missouri Games and Parks has estimated up to 1.3 million snow geese in and around the area.  The snow line is located right around this area, so the geese are starting to push the snow line rapidly.  We anticipate our first geese in our area sometime next week (weather pending).  We are planning on setting our spread up this weekend and trying to pump the lake.  The pumping this year may not be necessary with all the snow run off, but we want water right away to catch any front runner flocks.  

We look forward to seeing you all in the next few weeks, please contact us before you come.  No one will be allowed to hunt without a guide. 
Picture Taken by CJ Cerise -- Spring Barbellies

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