kopecky hunting club
Once again the time is upon us to go out and do our part of controlling the snow goose population.  We will be setting the spread this coming weekend.  Most of the geese have are already started to stage at the Nebraska Kansas border and at Squaw Creek. 

Thankfully I was invited to hunt with some friends last weekend in southern Nebraska.  There was no birds staged in the area we hunted, but they were flying out of Kansas into to Nebraska to feed.  I have never seen so many geese at once.  It was not uncommon to see several fields in our area that had 100k to 10k bird feeds.  With so many birds in the area it was very hard to compete, our 1,200 decoy spread was no competition compared to 10,000 live birds.  We were able to scratch out 18 birds for the weekend, not too bad considering 95% of the birds we saw were adults. 

The mild temperatures have got everyone antsy, but we are anticipating a normal spring.  I am sure we will start to see geese this weekend especially if all the snow melts, however the big masses will probably not be around until the first weekend of March with the Juvies starting to show up around the second week of March. 

Check out our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Kopecky-Hunting-Club/160754683988356 for live hunting updates. 

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