kopecky hunting club
As most of you who hunt with us know, one of our family members goes to school in SD.  He gives us weekly waterfowl reports and any time it gets cold or wind starts to howl out of the North we get a phone call asking how the hunting is.  Well on Tuesday the wind switched and started howling out of the North for 2 stait days.  Wednesday morning reports from blind were stating A LOT of bird movement.  However, mid morning the birds shut off.  The snow geese have been migrating consistanly for the past week, with dark geese mixed in, but very, very few ducks.  Thursday hunters were very optimistic, but not one shot was fired all day.  Friday the wind switched to the south, the optimism turned to pessimism.  But, the waterfowl god's were looking upon the hunters today.  The blind took 5 honkers and ended up pulling an all day hunt.  Good thing they did, because they got into some late day Mallard migrators.  They ended the day with 5 honkers and 6 mallards, and from what I am being told they should of have some more ducks, because they got busted out side of the blind by a flock of 50. 

Warm temps and south winds are forecasted for Saturday, but they way the ducks have been acting all year it could be the biggest duck migration of the year.  The only way you will know is if you hunt. 

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