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Typically we start to see our first waves of geese the first weekend of March.  The second weekend most of the big wads have moved north and we start to catch the migrators.  This year has been delayed about a week.  While we were waiting for the geese we decided to go back to my old college stomping grounds in Kearney.  I have a few buddies who farm south of Kearney around the Funk area.  For those of you who have never heard of Funk Lagoon, it is a 1900 square acre Wildlife Mangement Area.  I have heard stories of Funk from people who remember when it used to hold water all year around, lets just say there used to be quite a waterfowl show there.  I have only had the chance to witness Funk full of water once and it was my senior year of college.  Thank goodness that I only had one class because I was hunting that area everyday and shooting regular limits.  Well enough of the stories, I had a friend set us up on a field with about 50k geese feeding on it.  CJ and Dad hunted on a Saturday and harvested 20, and to CJ's credit he did most of the killing, I guess my Dad is too soft from the luxury pit blinds when it comes to shooting out of layouts.  Sunday we hunted the same field and harvested only 10.  The weather really didn't cooperate with us, if we would have had wind and sunny conditions all weekend there could have been some major train wrecks.  Speaking of train wrecks...

Thursday 3/18/10 -- Migration Alert, mass wads of mature geese have moved out of Tekamah river bottoms.  Juvies and Rossies are starting their routes back north.  Four guys hunted 3/18 and harvested 42 birds.  From what I hear, if you didn't hunt you missed one heck of day.  Apparently the birds were decoying very well and most shots were within 20 yards.  Hopefully with the dim weather moving in on Friday and Saturday the remaining geese south of us are held up.  Sunday looks good with temps close to 50 and sunny skys.  If you want to hunt, Sunday will probably be the last day where we could have a potential train wreck on our hands.  Hopefully the guys took pictures from Thursdays hunt, if they did I will post them. 
Dad shaking CJ's hand thanking him for being such a good shot, otherwise they would of only shot 5.

CJ with a wad of snows.  Total weekend take in Kearney was 30.

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