kopecky hunting club
Well it is time to move on and look forward to spring.  The blind will be closing this weekend for the season.  All in all we had a decent year for the lack of ducks that we saw.  This might be the first year ever, that I can remember, that we never had a good mallard day.  One of the best days that we had was the season opener, but that was the only snow storm that blew through the Dakota’s this year. 

We had very high expectations with the duck numbers reported in the Dakota’s, but since the Dakota’s had so much water the birds were very much spread out, and when they migrated it was very hit and miss.  

On a positive note this year was the best year we have ever had on dark geese that we can remember.  This is the first year that we have shot more dark geese in the last weeks of the season than ducks.  

This might be the worst time of the year.  Hunting season is over and we have to wait three more months until we can shoot the dirty white birds on their decent back north.  If you have never taken place in a spring shoot, I really recommend it.  Who can pass up a season with no limits and no plugs? 

Everyone from Kopecky Hunting Club would like to thank all members for creating some great and fun memories for the 09’ season.  We wish everyone a great and safe holiday and cannot wait to see you all next spring. 
CJ and Tate, Wow these guys are crazy spring breakers who live on the edge!  Spring cannot come fast enough!

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