kopecky hunting club

Saturday 10/17/09

There are still some ducks and local geese in the area, but the numbers have decreased from opening day significantly.  Today was slow.  However, a few ducks and a couple geese were harvested.  The majority of the ducks that were observed were very decoy shy, you could definitely tell that they had been shot at more than once.  The good news is that mostly all the geese that are coming by are curious enough to give us a shot.  Congratulations to the guys who hunted Monday.  Those lucky fella’s had a flock of 6 honkers do it right and only one flew off.  Out of the 5 birds harvested 4 of them were banded. 

Sunday 10/18/09

Today was the first time the sun was out for at least a week.  We thought that maybe since the sun was out some of the local waterfowl population would be out for a morning flight, but we were wrong.  Today was by far the least amount of ducks/geese that was observed.  There was maybe a total of 75 ducks observed today and a big fat zero for geese.  Strong south winds and warm temperatures did not help our migration situation by any means.  Despite the low duck population we still managed to harvest a couple ducks.  To date we have not been skunked, “KNOCK ON WOOD.”  With warm temperatures in store for the remainder of the month for the Dakota’s and Canada, the next couple weeks could be slow.  Hopefully this is the calm before the storm.

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