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There was a lot of hunting going on last week so I will jump right into it.

These three days were a big let down to some of the hunters.  Monday and Tuesday there was low to fairly low success.  Wednesday, there was a great wind.  What more could a hunter ask for when there is a 20-30 mph NW wind?  Oh yeah fowl to shoot.  Hunters did get a few this day and started to see some late day migrators. 

11/26 - Thanksgiving Day:

Well were do I start?  Great day to be out in the blind, NW breaze of 10-20 mph.  After the report given yesterday of the late day migrators, we all thought there would be some early shooting, and there was, one lonely mallard dive bomded the set and never flew out.  Around mid morning we started to see a consistant flight of Honkers.  We did have a flock of 30-40 honkers ball up on us and start their descent, with three of them wanting in so bad they left the group and were the first ones within shooting range.  Three came in and three did not leave.  With only three of us hunting we only needed six more honkers for a limit and the way they were working it seemd very possible.  Well right before we quit for Thanksgiving dinner, there was a bunch of 10-15.  This bunch worked us really well, a little too well.  The birds gave us a shot at 30 yds, we were greedy, the birds never came back.  Someone threw the flag they were so mad, but for dignity sake I will not name names.  No other game was taken the rest of the afternoon.


With warmer temperatures today, no one really was to optimistic.  The amount of ducks that flew off the east lake was incredible this morning, however none of them will stick around long enough for any shots.  Honkers were still around today and the crew took four. 


More warm temperatures did not have anyone getting out of bed early today.  We were set up by 7:30am.  However, someone left the pump off last night, so there was no open water.  I think we counted 5-6 flocks of honkers and had two ducks work us, but with no open water of duck decoys out it was tough to finish them.  We did have one group of honkers work us, and they gave us a shot, but without mister itchy trigger finger hunting, we waited for the money shot, which we did not get.  Everyone had to leave at 12:00pm for more family events, a couple hunters hunted the afternoon, but did not see much.


Finally some more cold weather and a wonderfull NW wind.  However, no migrators.  We did manage to harvest 3 honkers and 1 snow goose, but no ducks.  Hunting ended at 2pm.  Besides the four geese, the day was a bust.


A major cold front is among us that will change the weather from early fall to mid winter this week.  With the cold temps up north things should start freezing up.  hopefully the birds migrate south instead of to the big water.  If you want to hunt you better get it out of your system, becasue the season is almost over.  Every NW wind day from here on out could be the money day, but my bet goes to whenever SD gets a major snow storm.   

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Turns out throwing the flag while trying to call birds back makes it a little tougher.


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