kopecky hunting club
Hunting has been hit and miss up here at the pit.  You are guaranteed to shoot birds, you just have to put your time in.  Over Thanksgiving break we had hunters hunt four days straight all day long, if you are patient and your schedule allows it, you will be rewarded. 


Turkey day was just for family, we had a good bird count for only getting into one bunch of ducks and one bunch of geese.  There were 6 of us hunting in the morning, we managed 10 mallards out of one flock.  It never fails once someone leaves the blind the other hunters will get some birds.  Right after my brother in- law and father in-law left we had a group of about 60 honkers come right in belly up, got to love the west wind days.  Four of us put 12 on the water belly up or so we thought, one ended up getting away but everyone was so excited they didn’t have time to reload and get the 12th for the limit.  We ended the day with 17 mallards, 11 honkers, and 1 snow goose.  Not too bad.


Friday was full of surprises, biggest surprise was that we only got a few birds.  The good news was what came in didn’t leave. 


Saturday we made a few arrangements to the decoys, moved the spinners to the field behind us and it seemed to work out.  Only managed a few still, but a few is better than none.


Sunday was the worst.  Lots of ducks around, as a matter of fact I am told they had four 100+ bunches of mallards give the guys four times to shoot their guns.  From what I hear that’s all the guys did was shoot their guns as they ended the day with one mallard and three geese. 


Lots of birds are in the area, it appears that the ducks are finally using Desoto Bend again and there is still a ton of ducks on the river.  Out of the four days we hunted ducks moved all day from all directions.  Hopefully it stays warm and the ducks stick around, this might be the first year we shoot ducks all the way to the end of the season.  

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