kopecky hunting club
Friday was the start of a small migration that only lasted 1 day.  Guys in the blind Friday managed to take 19 birds, not bad for 5 hunters.  Ducks were moving good on Friday, but not many geese were seen.  We did have one bunch of snows work our spread for about 5 minutes and then they took off and headed south.  I highly doubt the birds that we saw migrating were out of SD or ND or even Canada.  Most of the time when we see migrators out of the norhern states the entire bunch commits right away, however we were only pulling 10-15 ducks out of a flock of 100 which leads me to believe that these ducks were not coming from very far away. 

Saturday was hot and heavy for the first hour and half of shooting time.  The blind ended up with 25 ducks, only 11 short of the 6 man limit needed.  Probably should of had the limit, but thats how it goes.   We did end up with three snow geese as well.  Saw only a handfull of ducks moving down the river, but it pretty much shut off after 1pm.  Out of all the ducks we shot only 1 or 2 bunches that were migrating most of the other ducks came in Friday night. 

Sunday was a total bust, what ducks were around were gone.  We saw maybe two or three flocks of ducks, no geese, and ended up with two singles in the bag. 

Every north wind day we should start seeing new birds since it is late enough in the year, however with little to no snow in the forecast for the Dakotas, I doubt we see any major migration. 

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