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Throwing Darts at Days

Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to picking good days to hunt.  Friday the 13th, ducks pour into the hole and hunters have very good success, they even got a band.  We went back out on Saturday and only shot 4 ducks.  We did kick anywhere from 500-800 ducks off the lake, but none of them came back until dark.  CJ has been hunting around the Sisston South Dakota area and having very good success.  There are plenty of ducks to come yet, but will we get any weather to push them down? 

Saturday most everyone was very optimistic after the hunt they had Friday afternoon.  We had a great Northwest wind all day.  Around 11:30am we started to see high flocks of snow geese.  We have been seeing snow geese regularly the last couple of weeks, but they have only been in flocks of 20-80.  Today we saw the first bunches of snow geese that average 100-500 geese.  I am not sure howmany bunches we counted, but they were consistant from 11:30am - 2:30pm.  Most of us thought since the geese were migrateing that we would encounter some new ducks.  Well we saw a few high bunches, but nothing wanted to stop.  

Sunday was a bust.  Hunted at the main blind in hopes of getting some honkers, but never saw any.  We did see a few small flocks of snow geese.  After watching a flock of 30 snows ball up on us, we had to throw out some white decoys.  Hopefully the new spread turns our luck around.  I am not sure if anyone had any luck after I left, but it seamed really slow.  

We only have about 4 more weeks of hunting, hopefully something happens in the weeks to come, we are all Jonesing for a good shoot.   

Finally a Wigeon worth putting on the wall

11/16/2009 11:09:38 am

A wall mounter wigeon, looks like I'm rubbing off on ya zach. Loads of birds still to come, cross your fingers for winter to show up in these last four weeks and there could be some great hunting in the future.


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