kopecky hunting club

Big snow storm in the forecast, better get out while you can and get your hunting in. 

Sunday 12/6/09 -
Well I really hoped today was going to be the day.  We had a decent wind and a big group of hunters, so if we would have had some birds we could have done some damage.  We witnessed dark geese fly all day until the snow hit.  We only managed 3 geese.  There was a flock of 5 that came in and gave us a decent shot, with 6 hunters most of us thought all 5 were dead.  Well the geese had other plans as only 3 went down and the others went sailing all the way back to the river.  We could tell that the other 2 were hit, but not good enough.  Later in the day when the snow started to pick up we could not see anyting.  We heard a group of geese and it sounded like they passed right in front of us, then all of a sudden they were right in our face.  This might have been the largest flock of Honkers I have seen work us in quite some time.  The Northeast wind really hurt us with this flock, the geese did not want to finish over the ground behind us, they kept swinging our Southwest side of the island.  The geese gave us maybe a 50 yd shot, but we opted out.  Once the snow really picked up I picked up.  There were a few guys that stuck it out, I will have to check with them to see how they did. 

Saturday 12/5/09-
No ducks!  We watched snow geese fly the hundreds all day long, but no ducks.  The temps increased and the wind switched, but our luck on hunting ducks is still very sour.  The hunters did get some snow geese.  Right away in the morning the hunters were walking down the the blind, when they noticed a bunch of white birds running around in the decoys.  The hunters waited until it was shooting time and formed a line that walked up to the blind, but the birds did not move.  Finally the geese flushed like pheasants and the crew harvested 9 total birds. 

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